Gunpowder BBC/HBO

there are excellent performances throughout, especially from Sian Webber and Liv Tyler as steel-spined noblewomen.

Maureen Ryan, Variety USA

Stella by Siobhan Nicholas

As modern day scientist Jessica, Sian Webber has the same drive for accuracy and integrity displayed by her 18th century counterpart. In a touching scene near the end of the work the tearful message she leaves for her daughter is perfectly delivered and seems to come straight from her heart.

Chichester Festival review.

The Consultant by Neil Fleming

The cast worked well together, with very strong performances from James Wilby as Hugo Shackleton, Pip Donaghy as James Brown, Sian Webber as Claire Shackleton and Helen Millar as the long-suffering Nicola Patchett.   

Michael Billington, The Guardian

The sharpest scenes are between downtrodden Hugo and his fiendishly clever wife, Claire (Sian Webber). Their scenes are close to the bone.  

 Miriam Gillison, Time Out

A Place of Safety by Sue Maclaine (Winner best show Brighton Fringe 2012)
Sian Webber, one of my favourite actresses, never, never disappoints, and it was a real treat to see her here She was worth the entrance fee on her own. Her ability to let us see into the tortured mind of Diana Lees through her performance is the work of a true titan. and I do not think I will ever forget the image, conjured up by Ms McLaine”s words, of the family pushing the body of the dead girl, wrapped in a blanket, in a shopping trolley from Whitehawk down to the hospital, framed by the beautiful views of the sea. 

Howard Young, chief editor, Brighton Magazine


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